Thursday, July 12, 2007

Have you ever gotten unintentionally drunk (or slap happy) by fondue?

I have, so as a memoir to that, here you are:

Swiss Cheese Fondue

1 pound Swiss* cheese
2 cloves of Garlic
3 T. All-Purpose Flour
2 T. Butter
1 1/2 cups Milk
½ T. Lemon Juice
1/8 tsp. ground Nutmeg
Salt and Pepper to taste

*You can mix Swiss and Gruyere for a stronger taste. Some people prefer Cheddar.

Dippers – Italian or French Bread cut into about 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inch pieces is a must!
Apple slices, cut veggies, chicken or sausage.

Peel garlic and slice the cloves in half the long way so the most inner surface is showing. Rub a heavy saucepan with two halves of the garlic for flavoring. Rub the fondue pot with the other two garlic halves. Grate the cheese and mix with 1 T. of the flour.Melt the butter in saucepan over medium-low heat. Add rest of flour. Stir well till smooth. Add about ½ cup of milk and stir till smooth. Slowly add the rest of the milk, stirring constantly until the mixture thickens to about the consistency of light cream. Add a handful of cheese and keep stirring. Let the cheese melt and then add another handful and stir until it melts. Repeat the process until all the cheese is melted.Once all the cheese has been added and the mixture is smooth, you can stir in the nutmeg, salt and pepper. Finally, add the lemon juice. Stir well till the mixture is smooth once again.Light the sterno and add cheese mixture to the fondue pot. Eat immediately! Spear bread and dunk in fondue and enjoy. Scrape the bottom of the pot with whatever you’re dipping from time to time to keep it from burning.Bon App├ętit!

Chocolate Fondue
8 oz Premium Chocolate (chopped)
1 cup Whipping Cream
Over low flame, heat Cream until warm (DO NOT BOIL)
Slowly add chocolate while stirring. Mixture will become smooth

To Dip: Strawberries, Banannas, Apple Slices, Pound Cake, Angel Food Cake, Pretzels, Pineapple Chunks, Marshmallows, Donuts

Toblerone Fondue
1/2 cup Heavy Cream
12 oz Toblerone
1 tablespoon Milk
Warm the cream in fondue pot on low heat. Break chocolate into small piecees add to the cream and stir until melted. Thin slightly with milk.

To Dip:Pound Cake, Angel Food Cake, Pears, Apples, Grapes


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